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Throughout the day you will learn how to develop a creative and therapeutic inner process, to release stress, and move from the chatter of the mind to a distilled creativity, essence and simplicity. What is written can be powerfully healing and a deep creative source. To create the space for this, privacy is important and what is written will not be read out loud, though there will be discussion and sharing of the process itself. In contrast to ‘creative writing’, the intention here is not to produce a product, something that ‘makes sense’ or is well crafted. It is delving freely into a realm of body-psyche-word, with exercises that are simple, easy and enjoyable.


10.45 -11.30 Introduction to the ideas behind Mindful Writing Practice and ‘soma-logos’

11.30 – 13.00 A guided co-conscious writing exercise and opportunity to share.

13.00 – 14.00 Organic vegetarian lunch

14.00 -15.00 Guided meditation embodying the morning’s process.

15.00 – 16.00Developing the interplay between word – image- metaphor – the somatic/physical.

For bookings please visit the website www.bamford .uk or contact the Haybarn Spa 01608 731 703





Introduction to Somatic Writing July 2015

One day workshop. Saturday July 18th 11am-4.30pm or Tuesday July 21st 10am-2.30pm. 

At Showborough House, Twyning.

For the content of this workshop please see the previous workshop. Limited places, early booking recommended.

Comments from the previous workshop:

“Powerfully simple. Simply powerful!”

“Extraordinary, unexpected, surprising.”

“Restorative. Energising. Refreshing. I feel refreshed and liberated.”

“Deftly held and led and guided. Beautiful and wondrous energy.”





Introduction to Somatic Writing Saturday April 18th or Tuesday April 21st 2015. One day group workshop. 

Write with the unconscious knowing of the body. Develop a creative and therapeutic inner process.

This is not a creative writing workshop! The intention is not to create a product, and all writing on the course is private rather than shared so as to remove any sense of judgement. It is an exploration in allowing the unconscious to come through your written word and be a part of healing and creating.

  • Develop the creative union of body and mind.
  • Access a deep creative source.
  • Discover a therapeutic tool.
  • Have fun (it’s not as heavy as it sounds!)

When: Saturday April 18th 11am-4.30pm or  Tuesday April 21st 10am-2.30pm.

Price: £35. Places are limited, early booking recommended.

Where: Showborough House, Twyning, Tewkesbury GL20 6DN.

Please bring your own lunch but hot drinks and cakes will be provided.

Contact: Helen Beale  01386 725059/  07811820717/

A reduced-rate one-to-one session is available to those attending the course (to use before or after the course); please get in touch if this interests you.


Saturday 26th April 2014

at Showborough House, Gloucestershire.

Creativity from Within

A day of exploring creativity as inner process and living experience.

A relaxed informal day developing awareness and skills within the internal space of the imagination from where all art forms take birth. Emphasis is on process, not product.

The day is suitable for anyone interested in exploring aspects of consciousness or creativity. For those with specific artistic skills this can be a way to reconnect or refresh a deep creative inner source. For those with no formal creative outlet the day offers insights and practices that can satisfy our deep need to give expression and form to inner processes in a way that feels authentic and enriching.

The day is held at Showborough House near Twyning. This is a unique opportunity to view the beautiful Showborough House Garden and Sculpture exhibition the weekend before it opens to the public. You are welcome to explore the garden during any breaks and at the end of the day.


10- 10.30am Arrival/ tea and coffee.

10.30am- 12.30am “Embodying the Unconscious through Writing.”(please note, this is not a creative writing workshop but will be creative!) with Helen Beale, craniosacral therapist and somatic writing therapist. This workshop will involve some very easy but powerful techniques using writing, visualisation and an aware inhabiting of the physical body. No previous experience of any type of writing is needed.

12.30- 1.30pm lunch. (Please bring your own lunch.)

1.30- 3.30pm  “The Craft of Creating and the inner Artist” with Charlotte Wright, artist and educator. Exploring the creative journey from the heart to making. Creating as an expression of being. Looking at the process to help us paint or draw.No artistic experience required. Charlotte is an experienced workshop facilitator and inspires on many levels!

3.30- 4pm Tea, coffee and cake.

4pm- 5pm  Afternoon talk and walk: “The Spirit of the Place” with Glynis Roache, designer of Showborough House gardens.  Glynis and Andrew Roache have been creating Showborough House gardens over the last 10 years. Glynis will talk about the creative process of ongoing design, interacting with not just the geographical but the energetic qualities of place and tuning into a garden’s unique muse. The talk will include, or be followed by a guided walk around the garden and sculptures.

5- 5.15pm closing session.

Please contact Helen for more information:     01442 851662      (m): 07811820717

Price £25. Limited places. Please book early.

Showborough House Sculpture Garden, Twyning, nr.Tewkesbury.

 FOR DIRECTIONS PLEASE GO TO www.showborough .com and look at ‘How to find us”. PLEASE FOLLOW



Workshops generally available by request:

Other than those listed a workshop can be tailor-made for a specific group.

I ideally like to work with groups of between 6 and 15 people.

Somatic Writing ;  Writing with the Body 

Bypass rational everyday thinking and allow your pen to tap into a rich, healing creativity.

Learn to listen to your body and its authentic knowledge

Use simple writing techniques to express different aspects of consciousness.

This workshop has very little to do with writing to produce a finished article or the craft of writing as a literary art. Instead it develops methods of writing to access knowledge, imagery, sensation, that normally lie beneath our conscious awareness. Somatic writing links the authenticity of physical feeling with the vehicle of the written word and then feeds back into the body strengthening body-awareness and body-consciousness. This is an opportunity to try out some simple skills that allow us to tap into different aspects of ourselves, facilitating whatever your journey of life may be.


Somalogos; Body, Word, subconscious and Spirit. Accessing the spirit through writing.

This workshop will look at how we embody the divine, how the spiritual dimension dwells in and works through the temple of the body. We will explore ways in which the act of writing can be intentioned to receive an expression of what we might call the realm of spirit, a realm beyond our small selves wether we see this as a part of the self or something outside it, or both. This work takes an eclectic inclusive approach to all spiritual perspectives.



“Somatic writing is a great tool of self discovery. Helen holds the space to reveal a truth that bypasses the mind and connects you to an inner voice that resonates as truth. Thank you so much for running this workshop.” – Katie.

” I found Helen really easy to engage with and her explanation about the development of her work very interesting. The session enabled me to find an enjoyable and creative way to access unconscious material and make it into a narrative. I was amazed at the information I was able to find out about myself from a relatively short playful exercise! I would definitely recommend Helen and her work.” – Natalie.

Songwriting workshop:

“We started the songwriting session through Helen’s use of association and dissociation techniques to bring us out of our typical thought trains. Then by creative methods we started to chain together random words and thought patterns. This was reviewed individually to see what we related to and ended up with a set of lyrics.                                 I was surprised and enthused by what I had produced. As a group we were able to immediately take one of the embryonic songs and work it up- with plenty of diverse material to work with.                                                                                                                       I’d highly recommend Helen for anyone who wants to start songwriting through to accomplished writers looking for a new angle or wanting to unblock.” –  George.

“As a songwriter the aim for me when having the session with Helen was to enhance my writing. Prior to this session I was feeling like many of my words/lyrics were overly contrived. To help with this Helen used techniques to bring forth words, homing in on those carrying the most weight. This really helped me unlock something from deep within my psyche, removing my ‘filter’. It felt like the words were purer.                               From here we progressed to meditation based visualisation allowing me to clear my mind and connect feelings to words. All of this put me in a very open and creative space so much so that within 10 minutes of the session I picked up a guitar and had written a song…seemingly out of nowhere! I would definitely recommend others try this and would be fascinated to hear others’ output” –  Diyar.

“I found Helen’s creative techniques hugely valuable in the songwriting process. It takes you creatively to a whole new place, and at the same time enables you to understand the creative process that takes you there. I especially found the process of ‘whittling down’ the language to get to what you’re really expressing very interesting. For me this resulted in the phrase ‘To dance in my own world’, which was everything I wanted to express at that moment, and this phrase ended up s part of a song I wrote a couple of weeks later! Whether you’re brand new to songwriting, well established and want to progress your craft to a new level, or even if you’re suffering from writer’s block, I would highly recommend working with Helen.”  -  Tim.


Please contact me if you want more details on workshops.

01386 725059/  o7811820717