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Craniosacral Therapy:

“In my sessions the most surface part of me takes a back seat. Helen tunes in and begins to unravel my body. I feel more receptive. She makes a connection with an area or organ of my body and we begin to speak with it. I mainly experience what the body is telling me in forms, sometimes colour. I describe it in words. I’m always in awe of the wise intelligence of the body as we speak. I am left enriched and open for change. the enrichment and openness are felt in my body, anchored there and healing is happening. Thanks Helen.”   Liz.

“Craniosacral Therapy has given me the physical and emotional healing which other therapies have not, and Helen is a wise, kind and deeply thoughtful therapist.”  Betty.

“After 15 years suffering from a tendonitis in my shoulder that wouldn’t let me sleep on my right side I turned to Helen during my pregnancy as I was aware of the strains my body would go through during those months and was scared of not being able to hold my baby afterwards. I have been sleeping on my right side since I started therapy with Helen and needless to say I haven’t dropped my baby and my shoulder is coping with motherhood in a way I would never have dreamed of before!”  Irene.

“I had never heard about Craniosacral Therapy until a talk at my pregnancy yoga class. What it could do for newborns sounded amazing so I thought I’d try a session before baby arrived to see what it was all about. What I experienced seemed like magic. It didn’t feel like Helen was doing much and yet the ailment that I had seemed to just disappear. The amount of relief I’ve had from various ailments(I’m a fitness instructor so they come often) has been amazing. I can’t explain what it is or how it works but all I know is it does work. If you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked you should see what Helen and Craniosacral Therapy can do for you. Soon you’ll find she’ll become your first option.”  Irina.


Somatic Writing:

“Somatic Writing is a great tool of self discovery. Helen holds the space to reveal a truth that bypasses the mind and connects you to an inner voice that resonates as truth. Thank you so much for running this workshop.”                            Katie Winterboune, Intuitive Mentor.

“I found Helen really easy to engage with and her explanation about the development of her work very interesting. The session enabled me to find an enjoyable and creative way to access unconscious material and make it into a narrative. I was amazed at the information I was able to find out about myself from a relatively short playful exercise! I would definitely recommend Helen and her work.”   Natalie