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Somatic Writing


What is Somatic Writing?

Somatic Writing is a unique method of writing the body.  Somatic Writing is a technique of free-writing that links and integrates different levels of consciousness in a way that is therapeutic, creatively liberating and allows a deep exploration into our true sense of Self. It side-steps the rational mind to access a wisdom deep within, facilitating emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.


How does it work?

Somatic writing tunes in to a more body-centered knowing and links it to the physical act of writing with as little of the conscious mind coming into play as possible. As a facilitator of this process I bring into play my experience in bodywork to blend intuition with technique and use the body’s authentic knowing to support and guide an exploration of consciousness. I work one-to-one and with small groups.


Is it a technique?

The process involves specific techniques designed to connect with knowledge held deep in the body, undercut the dominance of the rational, judging, controlling consciousness and allow the deep somatic consciousness free expression through the flow of the hand and the ink of the pen. Intention and focus also play a key part.


Who does it benefit?

This work is of benefit to anyone interested in healing the whole being and exploring different aspects of consciousness. It could be seen as a holistic therapeutic tool for deeper understanding, release, expression. It is useful for accessing or re-accessing a deep authentic creativity and is used as a way through creative block for  writers or would-be-writers, artists and musicians who are not looking for help  with technique or skill but are seeking fresh access to a creative source. It also attracts the spritual seeker, offering them a fusion of the ‘ holy place ‘ of the body with the grace and inspiration of the spirit. Above all it is for anyone seeking  authentic Self-knowledge and interested in the expression and integration of psyche and soma.


How do I try this?

These are the alternatives I offer:

1)  one-off sessions of an hour and a half or two hours of guided writing or a combination of body work and writing.

2)  a series of sessions to provide an opportunity for the techniques to become a habit.

3)  a one day group workshop or series of workshops.

4)  a series of group classes.


Please contact me to discuss what might work for you.

Tel: 01386 725059 /   M: 07811820717