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Babies and Children

Craniosacral therapy is increasingly being considered as the treatment of choice for babies and children. Its subtle, respectful non-manipulative approach ensures that trauma can be released gently without causing more distress.


Birth provides challenges for the baby. The birth canal journey imposes stresses and places exceptional demands on the baby. The baby’s head has to be squeezed and shaped to be narrow enough to pass through the cervix. To provide for this without permanent damage the bony plates of the newborn are incompletely formed; they are partly rigid plates attached to tough membrane. But nature is imperfect and stresses in the cranium, the neck, or the rest of the body can be released by Craniosacral treatment. These stresses if left untreated can impact on functions essential to optimal health.

The birth journey, though challenging, is important in stimulating a  transformation of fetal reflexes into those needed for real life in the world. When completion of this journey is interupted or if there is a lot of handling on the way out, strains can be introduded especially in the temporal regions of the head, the base of the skull, hip joints, pelvis and spine. Equally important, interruption of the birth process can have an emotional impact that needs resolving.


Many of the problems that children recieve C.S.T. for have their origins in the strains of the birth process or even from their gestational experiences in the womb. Though early treatment is optimal, these problems can still be treated at any age. Another source of disfunction in children is that of injury/accident/sports injury. Whatever your child’s problem, it is worth obtaining a Craniosacral evaluation. C.S.T. also has a restorative and calming effect on the central nervous system. Treatment is relaxing, very light touch, and is recieved fully clothed.