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Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy is a powerful and subtle experience. As the therapist I see and feel with my hands the subtle layers, connections, tensions and blockages in the body and invite a dance in the body tissues that gives expression to the body’s innate intellegence in knowing what it needs to do to heal itself. It is a gentle, light touch, non-invasive treatment that works with the body, not against it, therefore gaining powerful lasting results .

As the client you can expereience your body being supported, respected, engaged with. This engagement with the body can be both physically tangible and experientially sublime

Origins of Craniosacral Thearapy

Craniosacral Therapy developed out of the field of osteopathy. It is therefore grounded in a complex understanding of anatomical structure but has gradually evolved an extensive and subtle understanding of fluid movement, energy movement and tissue memory. It can offer a wide potential for treatment, bringing the structurally based into a subtle energetic knowledge and awareness.

How does it work?

Any trauma, physical or emotional, can cause the body’s tissues to contract. Sometimes the tissues remain locked, storing trauma/injury and creating further restrictions in connective tissues, structure and the flow of fluids. This might then manifest in any number of problems from back or joint pain, headaches, to low energy and emotional issues. Each injury is unique and its release and recovery will be unique. Craniosacral therapy engages with any injury or problem, respecting this uniqueness and using subtle tactile skills and awareness to facilitate a gentle but thorough unwinding and release.

What happens during a treatment?

Generally treatment is recieved lying supine on a treatment couch.The patient remains fully clothed. The therapist’s hands are placed lightly on the parts of the body as the intricate network of connective tissues begin to unwind and release. A treatment usually lasts one hour though I also offer treatments of one and a half or two hours.

Somato-Emotional Release

Some clients may wish to bring Somato-Emotional Release into a treatment. Though all physical release will bring emotional benefit, sometimes we need to engage more directly with what the body wants to express, reveal, release. This may involve body-dialoguing and visualization. Our body tissues store memories of all kinds and can facilitate a deeper insight into the healing process and richness of body-mind communication. This aspect of bodywork links well with the Somatic Writing technique when appropriate, empowering the client to continue their own inner process.